5 Major Benefits of attending a Course at Higherway Institute of Learning in South Africa

Prof. Sheperd Sikhosana


Higherway Institute of Learning is a fully accredited training company based in Pretoria, South Africa. Attending a course at Higherway Institute of Learning provides a participant with a plethora of benefits which are articulated in section 2 of this write-up. Training and capacity building is a strong weapon that can boost the performance of organizations as employees play a major part in the production of goods and services. At Higherway Institute of Learning, we have courses for Directors, Senior Managers, Middle Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders, Operations staff as well as general staff members. We have courses that meet the specific needs of individuals, sections, departments, divisions, and organizations.  This paper highlights the major benefits that will accrue to a participant that attends training at Higherway Institute of Learning in South Africa. A detailed list of our short courses can be seen on our website which is at www.higherway.co.za.

Five Major Benefits

Benefit 1 –  An accredited training institution
Higherway Institute of Learning is an accredited training institution.  An accredited institution gets its accreditation from Government appointed accreditation bodies. These accreditation bodies, before they issue accreditation certificates, conduct a rigorous assessment, moderation and endorsement of all training related policies, curriculums, learning materials and course delivery methodologies. There are a lot of compliance issues that such accredited training companies must comply with. Higherway Institute of Learning prides herself in being accredited by 7 accreditation bodies including the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Benefit 2 – South Africa, a fairly developed country
South Africa as a country has a lot of lessons to offer to most developing countries in Africa and other parts of the world. South Africa has developed infrastructure, working systems, a track record of successful Public Private Partnership in various sectors of the economy and a functional economy.  The country enjoys two levels of development, namely the first world development and the third world level of development. The parts of the country with a first-world level of development are comparable to some developed European countries and such development has many lessons for participants coming from other parts of Africa.

Benefit 3 – Qualified and experienced Facilitators
Higherway Institute of Learning prides herself of a team of highly qualified and experienced facilitators whose professional mix is: industry captains, consultants, engineers, university lecturers, professors, former CEOs and company executives and other professionals. These high profiled facilitators will share their experiences with the participants and provide the necessary leadership and coaching where necessary. Every course is delivered by a professional in that given area.

Benefit 4 – In-Class and Educational tours
The methodology of course delivery is designed to provide in-class training as well as educational tours for participants to familiarise, first hand, with the South African cities, infrastructure, socio-cultural setting and the general South African outlook and environment.

Benefit  5 – Exchange of experiences from different countries
The interaction between participants from other African countries, in similar positions, provides a wealth of knowledge and experience. This allows for the exchange of ideas and experiences from organisation to organisation and country to country among participants.


 The training out of your country can bring about enumerable benefits as one gets to visit places in a different country and see how other people have approached development. The lessons gained will be good take-homes that will help in developing organisations in particular and the countries in general. A course out of one’s country requires that a participant receive his/her training from fully accredited institution that is constantly being monitored by accreditation bodies. Higherway Institute of Learning is a fully accredited institution that is ready to provide an excellent capacity building experience to its delegates.